Instagram Takeover: NeoSpirituals

For a week in September, Yaw P, founder of the Ghana-based NeoSpirituals collective, took over Photoworks UK’s Instagram feed. This came out of a partnership with People’s Stories Project.

We couldn’t be happier to see an insta takeover of the Photoworks UK feed by Yaw P of NeoSpirituals – who were our first PSP story last spring. The collective have been doing their own dynamic thing for a few years now, via an ‘organic ménage of creative folk’ who are very much a part of Ghana’s alternative creative scene. Yaw P’s takeover images are from the collective’sDrone Scrap Program 2054series, which highlights the political, economic and social influences as well as the ingenuity of African societies and how they would extend into the future. 

Artist: @Yaw_P

Collaborators: @steloolive @accraphoto @getupstandout

The NeoSpirituals Instagram Takeover words and images appeared on the Photoworks site as part of a People’s Stories Project partnership in September 2019.