Maputo Revisited: Hair meets fashion and art…

While this year’s Maputo Fast Forward festival of creativity, design and innovation takes place, People’s Stories Project is reflecting on the words and work of a selection of artists who were part of the ColabNowNow phase of this Mozambique digital event last year. 

We continue with Nikiwe Dlova, Soweto-based creative hair artist and founder of Own Ur Crown hair and street culture platform. She talks about her 2018 work that was showcased in Maputo last year.

‘What I wanted to showcase in my project was the merging of the past, present and future in terms of where our hairstyling or hair accessorising will go. This was inspired by the African culture and the hairstyles, adornments and crowns they used to have. They used their hair and accessories to communicate things such as whether they were married, or to indicate social status. I started thinking about where we are at now and where we are going in terms of hair styling, so I created an afro futurism accessory, which can be an art piece to combine all the inspiration showcasing how we will be wearing our crowns in the future. I used braids because they are timeless, and added tulle as a fashion element. Hair meets Fashion and Art.’

Images and video courtesy of Nikiwe Dlova

Maputo Fast Forward (MFF) takes place from 10th October – 10th November. The theme this year is Identity and Mobility in the 21st Century.

The ColabNowNow exhibition launches on 10th October with a selection of new artists and storytellers from across Africa.